New Year, New Movies #1: Talking cats and talking twats

A creature of habit, I have a terrible tendency to watch the same movies over and over. As a result, I’ve only seen 350 of imdb’s top 1000 movies: despite a degree in film, I still haven’t seen The Godfather, preferring instead to watch Miss Congeniality for the 80th time. So my challenge for January is to only watch films and boxsets of things I’ve never seen before, at least 31 films across the month, and at least 1 season of a series. I must watch each movie all the way through, and I must give it a rating out of five.

So, to kick off the new year…

January 1, 2016

1. The Voices, 2014



An alternative, and incredibly dark, look at mental health starring Ryan Reynolds, I liked this…. Although I’d probably not watch it again. It’s disturbing, a little creepy, but I’m always amused by a foul-mouthed talking cat. 3/5

2. My Last Five Girlfriends, 2009


Hated this. Overindulgent and smug Brit flick with a whiny cast of north London twots. Not even the appearance of Johnny Ball could make it palatable. 1/5

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