New Year, New TV Shows

In November and December, I binge watched 3 shows: Scorpion, Brooklyn 99, and How I Met Your Mother. No biggie, everyone binge watches. Except I’d watched all these episodes about 4 or 5 times each before. What can I say? They’re shows I like and my brain couldn’t cope with new things by the end of last year.

But like with the films, there’s a shitload I’m missing out on. Also, I really fucking hate bandwagons, people telling me that I *HAVE* to watch something… I’ve tried 3 times to get into Breaking Bad and every time I’ve been left with an overwhelming feeling of ‘Is that it?’. The same with The Wire, The Killing and The Sherlock.

So, New Year, New TV Show. I’ve decided to go with Once Upon A Time, because I love effed up fairy tales – The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly is a favourite – and because it’s on Netflix, so I can watch it whenever. I don’t have Sky +, Tivo or Virgin and I forget to watch stuff I’ve downloaded to iPlayer, and I’ve been afraid to commit to live TV ever since a new flatmate talked the whole way through the season 1 finale of Prison Break: 25 solid weeks of tuning in at 9pm on a Monday, undone in 1 hour by an overly-chatty Brummie and her obsession with net curtains.

I’m about 8 episodes in to Once… so far – more detailed thoughts to come at the end of the series but what I *can* tell you is that I’m having some very confusing thoughts about Robert Carlyle, and I finally see what all the fuss over Jamie Dornan is about.



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