New Year, New Movies #5: Oscar Bothering

Last year I did quite well at catching the big Oscar-nominated films: loved Birdman, thought Foxcatcher was oddly sterile, meh over The Theory of Everything.

I missed last night’s film though. From the outside it seems like a calculated Oscar bid (“Look at me playing someone with an illness!”) and whilst I know you shouldn’t believe anything you read in the media, Julianne Moore seemed a bit Smuggy McSmuggerson with some of her comments during last year’s awards season (more about all of this in another post). So anyway…

January 5, 2016

6. Still Alice, 2014


This is a good film, with some very good performances in it aside from the obvious (Kristen Stewart was much better than I expected, and I always like Alec Baldwin). It never slipped into weepy melodrama or took the obvious narrative paths- incredibly sad and very affecting to see the effects of Alzheimer’s not just on the patient but on their family as well. 4/5

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