New Year, New Movies # 7: You Say Aloha, I Say Goodbye

A week of movies and I’m starting to get film-lag… So on finding a Cameron Crowe film that I hadn’t seen, I was all happy happy joy joy. He’s one of my favourite directors so figured I’d made a good choice for a rainy Friday night, curled up on the sofa snuffling with a cold. Hmmmm.

January 8, 2016

8. Aloha, 2015


Oh this was bad. Well, not bad but… Not as good as I was expecting. No. Actually. It was bad. Terrible casting, a confused story (I suspect there are reams left on the cutting room floor) and just some really odd moments that didn’t work at all. On the plus side, John Krasinski is in it, and you can never have enough John Krasinski. 1/5.

(Will embed later)

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