New Year, New Movies # 8: School’s Out

So one film led to another today….damn you Netflix, with your suggested titles.

January 9, 2016

9. The Choir, 2014 (aka Boychoir)


OK, check out this motherfudging cast: Hoffman! Bates! Izzard! Artie from Glee! – my hopes were high for The Choir. Boy from the wrong side of the tracks triumphs over adversity with the help of a wise mentor- what’s not to love? It’s like Footloose, if Footloose was set in an elite boys school where they all sing at pitches only dogs can hear. It’s OK, but it’s the kind of film my mother would love (and yes, I mean this pejoratively). It’s even got Josh fucking Groban singing at the end. 3/5 (would been a 2, but I’ve given it an extra point for some risible dialogue clearly nicked from a sports film, spoken by James Spader trapped in a 12 year old’s body).

10. The English Teacher, 2013


How many Oscars d’you get for this, Julianne? 1/5

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