New Year, New Movies #11: Another goodbye

This week has been fucking dreadful: David Bowie on Monday and then the loss of Alan Rickman yesterday – the arts world really is taking a hit. More about Rickman in another post.

Last night, after 3 movie-free days (I haven’t even watched Labyrinth yet, it’s technically part of the rules not to rewatch movies however I think under the circumstances it’s OK), I looked on Netflix to see what Alan Rickman movies were on there. A Little Chaos, I’d already seen (and loved), so the only other option was…

January 14, 2016

13. Gambit, 2012



Oh I don’t know. This was OK, but so British it hurt. Colin Firth was basically playing Hugh Grant, Cameron Diaz was doing…. something…., Alan Rickman was very very funny (Look, I’m not going to say a bloody word against him, OK?) and god only knows how they got Cloris Leachman involved. There was a fart joke that really made me laugh though. 2/5

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