New Year, New Movies #13: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

Over 2 weeks in. But what I realised yesterday is that I’m watching all these films, and half of them aren’t on any best of lists, they weren’t even on my radar till I started trawling Netflix. So after finally finishing Making a Murderer (more of that later), I looked for something that I’d been meaning to watch for ages.

January 17, 2016

15. Cobain: Montage of Heck, 2015


On April 6 1994 my sister woke me up with the words ‘Kurt Cobain’s dead’. Grief over a personal hero’s death has been a theme this week, so I thought it was probably a good time to watch this documentary about the enigmatic Nirvana frontman. It’s a very interesting watch, strangely voyeuristic, and the home videos of his life with Courtney and Frances are almost heartbreaking, but ultimately I don’t feel like it told me much about him that hadn’t already been said. Cracking soundtrack and animation though. 4/5.

16. Disconnect, 2012


This was by no means something I planned to watch, but it was on iplayer and looked intriguing: 3 interlinked stories looking at the effect of the internet and social media on our lives. It’s pretty bleak: human beings are awful, after all, but there are some beautiful and compelling set pieces: there’s a section at the end that’s totally stylised, but took my breath away. 3/5

By this point in the day I was aching to watch a comedy, but thought fuck it – I may as well go for full-on misery.

17. Dallas Buyers Club, 2014

dallas Buyer

I’d actually been actively avoiding this one: I was very worried that it would be more about the spectacle of two actors transforming themselves than about the tragic reality of what AIDS patients went through in the 80s. Happy to admit that I was wrong though: there were definitely a couple of Give-Me-My-Oscar-Dammit moments, but on the whole it never tipped into melodrama. Great perfomances from the supporting cast as well, who were overshadowed by McConaughey and Leto in all the hype.  3/5

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