New Year, New Movies #14: Hoohah!

So… I’m not the world’s biggest Al Pacino fan. I enjoy watching interviews with him, but as far as his films… Meh. I guess I don’t really like his schtick. But in saying that I fully realise that I probably haven’t been watching his best work: I didn’t see The Insider, I’ve only seen about a third of Heat, and that fact that I haven’t seen The Godfather is probably my single biggest reason for doing this whole challenge. So last night I dialled it back to Young Pacino. No hoohah!’s, y’see.

January 19, 2016

18. Serpico, 1973


OK, so young Al Pacino was Very! Intense! And! Prone To Shouting! But actually this was a really lovely piece of 70s cinema and you can see why people were blown away by him. I was about to comment on how dated it looks and sounds, but them realised it’s 43 years old, so I guess we can let that one pass. Solid. 3/5.

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