New Year, New Movies #16: You talking’ to me?

No, I didn’t watch Taxi Driver: I’ve seen it and loved it. But there’s no way I’ve watched enough Scorsese movies. I avoided this at the cinema because it’s 3 HOURS LONG. That makes my boredom threshold twitchy.

January 21, 2016

20. The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013


I always forget that I actually quite like Leonardo do Caprio. His face scares me, it’s old and young at the same time, like Benjamin Button. Anyway, I expected to hate this but thought it was bloody hilarious. Several laugh out loud moments, no moralisation about the excesses of some pretty awful people, great cast. Probably won’t watch again: did I mention that it’s 3 HOURS LONG? 4/5 (I’m docking a mark for length).

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