New Year, New Movies #25: The Final Countdown

The final three movies. I guess I should have prepared something with more fanfare, but…. I didn’t.

January 31, 2016

29. Clouds of Sils Maria, 2014


An established middle-aged actress is cast as the older lover in the romantic drama that made her famous over 20 years ago, while sexual tension simmers between her and her personal assistant. I really liked this – it said so much about the cult of celebrity, how older actresses are perceived in their industry, and the behaviour of actors in general (favourite soapbox topics of mine). 4/5.

30. Comet, 2014


I’ll be honest, I watched this because it was short. But it really hooked me: it’s like a slightly trippy, stylised version of 500 Days of Summer, with the added bonus of not plunging me into a pit of despair. A relationship is charted over 6 years, but the movie is shown through glimpses of parallel universes and flashbacks that are not chronologically ordered, showing the viewer the progression and depression of their intricate relationship. Tries a little too hard, but bittersweet. 3.5/5.

31. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, 2013


Nothing not to love about this, it was frigging hilarious. 4/5.

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