New Year, New Movies: Final Thoughts

31 Movies in 31 Days.

I thought that would be easy – it wasn’t. I got viewing lag after something stupid like Day 4 and thought Fuck it, I want to watch Miss Congeniality. I didn’t though (don’t worry Sandra, you’re still my favourite) but I did start a few and turn them off after not long.

Which movies did I give up on? More than a few, actually – No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Adventureland, Advantageous, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Hannah and her Sisters, The Warriors, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Everything Must Go. I think there are certains days and times for films – I’m not sure Sunday afternoon snuffling on the sofa with a cold was the time to attempt No Country…, but I do want to get through it at some point. I think it needs a dark cinema and no distractions though.

Not sure I ticked off too many classics, either, but I did come across some gems. New favourites (in no particular order) were The Godfather (sublime), Clue (hilarious), Draft Day (I get turned on by power play, who knew?), Play It Again Sam (oh that ending), Thanks for Sharing (Ruffalo), Creed (actual bawling), and Begin Again (I Heart NY) – they may find themselves sneaking onto my DVD shelf at some point soon.

I watched some right old crud as well, though. Films that may have started off as good ideas but somehow got flung about in the Hollywood Machine and came out stupid and wrong – The English Teacher, Aloha, Super, and don’t get me started on 50 Shades, that was never a good idea to start with – but I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth.

I have a new appreciation of some actors – OK, I’m never going to kneel at the altar of Al Pacino but now at least I feel like I get him a bit – and I’ve got the rage with some directors who should’ve known better – I’m looking at you, Cameron Crowe – and on the whole I’m pleased that I did this. My horizons definitely feel broadened. And at least now I’ve seen The Godfather and can wave my film degree credentials about with marginally less embarrassment than I did before.



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