B is for But I Want to Watch Bull Durham!


I’ve recently managed to swing it so my commute to work is the 20 seconds it takes me to walk from my bed to my desk. Working from home makes me very happy but the (minor) downside is that now I actively have to make time for reading, as opposed to doing it on the tube.

I managed to read 2 chapters of Pride and Prejudice before thinking of all the stuff I was meant to be doing. At least when I’m watching a movie I can be doing other things- cooking, writing lists, getting on with the blanket I’m making. I closed the book and put Bull Durham on.

Since watching Draft Day I’ve a renewed sense of appreciation of Kevin Costner…. although when I realised that when the sexy older man I remember from watching this the first time round is 6 years younger than I am now…. I might have cried. A lot.

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