E is for Easy, Tiger!

Crikey, and I thought objectification was a modern thing.

Wickham’s turned up, and Elizabeth is creaming her pantaloons over his ‘amiable face’.

Yes yes, these fine Regency ladies have decided Handsome Face = Good Character, and vice versa. Even poor Mary is described thusly:

‘…Mary, who having, in consequence of being the only plain one in the family, worked hard for knowledge and accomplishments…’


Yeah Mary, better get good at something and do it quickly, cos there ain’t no one looking at your unspectacular visage. I don’t feel entirely sorry for Mary, as she’s a bit of a tit, but I’m sure she’s only like that because the rest of the women in her family are shallower than all the Kardashians put together.

So I am actually enjoying P&P, it’s wicked funny, but it really is making me go “PTCHAH!” a lot.

Anyway, back to Wickham. I’d put money on him turning out to be a bad egg, handsome face or not: those sorts always do.


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