March – 31 Days of Happiness?

Trigger Warning: mental health, depression

So, February sucked on a number of levels. A lot of it was spent under a duvet, hating the world and feeling very sorry for myself. I also ate all the crisps and most of the biscuits. Quite a lot of the toast, chocolate, pasta and cheese too.

Result? A weepy Tubby McTubberson who doesn’t fit into her jeans and has terrible skin.

But happiness is a choice. So I’m attempting a month of happiness.

A few years ago a mate did #100DaysOfHappiness, where she posted a picture every day of something that had made her day better. I’m not enough of a Pollyanna to do 100 days, but I figured I can give a month a shot.

Looking for photographic evidence of something positive everyday is a fantastic exercise – it’s easy to focus on the bad (I know, I just spent 29 days doing it) – and ignore the great stuff that’s around you. I’m not talking about depression – me moping around and feeling like a loser isn’t the same on any level as someone genuinely suffering from an illness.

So onwards! Happy things!

File 01-03-2016 09 12 16


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