Q is for Quite Unsure of What to Do with the Rest of the Alphabet

So once I’d learned how to read in double negative I flew through the rest of the novel and finished it about 4 days earlier than I thought I would.

I liked it (as I said, there may have been tears when Darcy explained to Lizzy why he’d helped out Lydia and Wickham) and I’m sure if I’d read it at 17 I would have loved it.

(Actually, 17 year old me was a spotty, angst-ridden Pearl Jam fan who read a lot of Stephen King)

I watched a bit of the Colin Firth TV show (annoying) and all of the 2005 film (beautifully shot but still annoying). I planned to finish by going to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but didn’t get round to it.

I think I thought my outlook on love might be changed by finally seeing what all the fuss was about (it wasn’t) – However I now get why women go crazy for Mr Darcy.

I still prefer Colonel Brandon though.



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