April: Keep on Running

I’m going to tug on your heartstrings.

Last year I got totally thrown under the bus in a work situation. Where I could accept some of the accusations being slung at me, the one that really kept me awake at night was being asked what I wore to sales meetings and why I’d stopped going to the gym.

In a professional environment I was called an overweight slob.

The result? I went out that night and got totally ruined, spent the next 2 days hungover as shit, the next 2 days after that reliving the meeting in my head (although in those versions I was able to stand up for myself) and on the 5th day I met up with Exposing 40, took my clothes off and let her take photographs of me in bra, knickers and a pair of high heels, which she then posted on her fabulous body positivity blog.

The day after that I rejoined the gym and spent nearly 3 months on the treadmill following the Couch to 5K programme. With various stops and starts I got to Week 7, which was running continuously for 25 minutes. Not bad for Chubby McLarderson.

Then the clocks went back, I had to cut back on all my expenditures and I cancelled my gym membership. It was too cold and dark to run outside and I decided that staying on the sofa eating pasta at night was far nicer than going out in the cold.

Yes, I went out on Boxing Day ‘for a run’ but in reality I probably ran for less than 2 minutes all in. The rest of it was spent yomping around trying to figure out why running outside after 6 weeks of doing nothing but eat cake was so difficult.

But the clocks have gone forward now and I need a new challenge for April. So I’m going to start again on the C25K and I’d quite like to finish it this time. It’s a 9 week programme, but figured this will kickstart me for a month (and maybe I’ll get back in a bit of shape before the May challenge, more about that later on).



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