So back at the beginning of the month I may have typed the words ‘Happiness is a choice’, then boldly stated that I was going to take a picture every day of something that made me happy.

Right. Didn’t do that then.

Why not? Well, a couple of times I was having too much fun and forgot to take a photo of the fun I was having.

A couple of times I was so bummed out with work, house, work, finance, work, allergies, work that all I wanted to do was curl up on my bed and hide from everyone (yes, I know that many, many people are far worse off than I am, and my first-world problems and I should check our privilege).

Most of the time I was just carrying on with the business of carrying on.

I sat down last night to write a post about Happiness and is it really a choice, and failing on a challenge, and is it really failure so long as you get back on to it and carry on with something, and all sorts of self-justifying crap.  Then The Avengers came on the telly and I watched that instead.

Happiness and Failure are big concepts. Big subjective concepts with positive and negative connotations that put equal amounts of pressure on an individual. Happiness for me is being alive, having a pet, and living in an age where we have Cards Against Humanity. Failure is a lot darker. Failure would be having to live in the village I grew up in, doing the same dull job every day, being at the beck and call of other people. Ironically, this is the life that a former friend describes as making her happiest. So what do I know, really?

Failure is suggests finality. So instead of saying I failed my March Challenge, I’m going to say I didn’t do the challenge very well in March. And I’ve started April early.



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