NYNM#2: Tom Hardy and a Puppy

It’s like the thinking woman’s wet dream.

Full disclosure, I was watching this at the same time as my beloved gerbil was about to expire, so I may not have completely been paying attention.

2. The Drop (2014)


In times of severe emotional distress, I either need to watch something so funny it makes me pee myself a little, or something very violent. Think a double bill of Reservoir Dogs and Life of Brian.

So with Coco about to go to the great big gerbil wheel in the sky, I put this on.

Bob Saginowski is a bartender at a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn. Marvin Stipler ceded ownership of the bar years earlier to Chechen mobsters and now operates it with Bob as a ‘drop’ for illegal takings. Hilarity ensues.

I definitely, definitely  want to rewatch this. At face value it’s a really good crime thriller, but scratch the surface and you’ve got some cracking performances from Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini (in his last film, which is why I wanted to watch this, god he was fantastic). There’s a sense of dread all the way through and you’re constantly expecting the worst to happen, which of course, it does in the end. But maybe not in the way you’d expect.

And yes, there’s a puppy. 8.5/10

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