NYNM#2: Grown-upping

Being a grown-up is difficult sometimes. I know there are all those annoying memes about how ‘I adulted today’ and the like, but there are times when I want to just talk to my best friend on the phone about boys being smelly, how difficult our English homework is and how unfair our parents were being about our curfews. The other night we talked about a relationship breakdown, work worries, a father in hospital, and also about how grey our hair is going, just to cheer ourselves up.

4. Little Men (2016)


Two teens develop a growing friendship in rapidly-gentrifying Brooklyn, while a feud between their respective parents escalates around them. Hilarity ensues. I haven’t seen any other Ira Sachs films (I turned ‘Love is Strange’ off after about 5 minutes because I could not deal with John Lithgow playing some awful simulacrum of a gay man) but this was recommended to me and I like Greg Kinnear.

Aesthetically this is such an indie New York movie. It’s like the bastard love-child of Woody Allen and Gus van Sant moved to Williamsburg and started filming stuff. Not a bad thing at all, but you know exactly where you are with it.

But God this was sad. Not a full-on, emotionally brutal melodrama, but just a sense of weariness hanging over the whole thing about how difficult life is when you have to deal with other people and just get the fuck on with stuff. The thing is, you can see the parents problems from both points of view, there’s no protagonist or antagonist, just people struggling with the realities of life you don’t realise exist when you’re 13 (and Jesus tonight those kids are heart-breakingly good). Well worth a watch but make sure there’s someone on hand to give you a hug afterwards. 8/10.


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