NYNM#2: Go Straight to Hell. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect £200.

Pro Tip – if you’re ripped off your tits on antihistamines, Irvine Welsh-inspired films are definitely the way forward.

11. Filth (2013)


A drug-addled, manipulative misanthrope begins to experience increasingly severe hallucinations as he tries to solve the murder of a Japanese student. Hilarity ensues.

Oh I know I got all worthy about Atticus Finch the other day and how good men are special/rare/extinct etc, but fuck me this was hilarious. James McAvoy’s Bruce is a delightfully evil bastard, which is funny…. up until the point that it isn’t. Yes there’s a kind of moral lesson in here but it’s all bound up in a trippy, drug-fuelled mess of glorious bollocks. Also, best ending I’ve seen in ages. 8/10 (extra half mark for surprise David Soul).

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