NYNM#2: Fenton! Fenton!!

Walt Disney was a seriously fucked up individual.

19. Bambi (1942)


A doe gives birth to a fawn named Bambi, who will one day take over the position of Great Prince of the Forest. Horrific things happen thereafter.

OK, maybe I’m too old to be watching this for the first time. Maybe I just have a heart of stone. But I didn’t really like Bambi. It’s too cloying. And Thumper’s an annoying shitbasket. I preferred the skunk.

That said, the whole scene where his mother dies is just a terrible thing to put in a kids film. Following it straight up with a bunch of Satan’s pterodactyls whistling dementedly happy tunes is even worse. 6/10 (it looks pretty but the voice casting was dreadful).

And just to say I so wanted this to happen in the meadow scene…

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