NYNM#2: Nice

Yes yes, Nice is a dreadful word. I’ll make an exception for Gosling though.

24. The Nice Guys (2016)


In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star. Hilarity ensues.

Shane Black’s another clever bugger. So, yes, he wrote Lethal Weapon, and yeah, he did Iron Man 3, but he also wrote the far superior Monster Squad (including the classic line ‘Wolfman’s got NARDS!!’). I read a review that said The Nice Guys is the ‘Shane Black-iest of all Shane Black’s films’ and I know what the reviewer meant. It’s very similar to his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that came out a few years back: buddy movie, crime caper, very clever dialogue – you’re so swept up in enjoying it all that you haven’t really got a clue what’s going on. Seriously, I watched it like a day ago and couldn’t really coherently tell you what it’s about.

Great casting though. Russell Crowe isn’t a particular favourite of mine (except for LA Confidential, he was superb in that) but he’s good in this. Gosling is, as ever, heaven (although he maybe felt a little too young for the role). 9/10 (Gets an extra mark for having Gil Gerard in it. I miss Buck Rogers more than I can say).



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