NYNM#2: Wait, what?

Erm, OK, so despite January dragging on like an absolute bastard the 31st crept up on me quite unexpectedly.

I haven’t watched 31 new films. I’ve watched 24.

I still think that’s a pretty good achievement though – my shame at not having seen certain classics is diminishing year by year.

I’ve discovered a few gems, I’ve watched some shite, I had some thoughts that I scribbled down as well…

  • Robot and Frank has an awesome soundtrack by Francis and the Lights. Seek it out immediately.
  • Bananas had a surprise Sylvester Stallone! This made me so happy.
  • still haven’t seen The Great Escape. Can anyone tell me whether my life will be significantly enriched by watching it?
  • It’s about time they started re-running Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Bidi bidi.
  • There’s a note about Dirty Dancing in my pad. I don’t quite know why I wrote DIRTY DANCING!! in massive capitals (I suspect I’d had wine) but I firmly believe that if you didn’t like Dirty Dancing then we can’t be friends. Sorry.
  • They should make more films with puppies in them.

Till next year!!

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